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Building with Haven Homes

Haven Homes recently received this note from a customer, we wanted to share. Building a home is a complex process involving a vast number of moving parts and interactions. It takes hundreds of hours from our management team, subcontractors, inspectors, lenders and our customers. Not everything always goes according to plan during the process but Haven Homes puts our customers first. Its customers like these that makes building a Home worth the effort!

Customer Testimonials

Cassandra Rosina: Love my Haven Home ! Both Chris and Tom are great to work with. They are the most punctual builders I have ever met ! The quality of my home and the attention to detail with the craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations. I looked for over two years for a home and worked with a few builders. Chris and Tom were wonderful to deal with throughout the entire process !,1,,,

Linda Jackson: Haven Homes is building a custom home for me at the moment. I picked them for their attention to detail, the craftsmanship and quality of their work, and their level of communication and desire to get everything the way I want it. Everything Has been very tailored to the details of what I want and the budget spelled out. They are very organized and update me frequently and give me opportunities to adjust or change things along the way. The house is exceeding my expectations so far. I have been thrilled with the process and highly recommend! Making my dreams come true.

Susan and Andrew Chan: Thank you Haven Homes for all your help during the building of our new home. It was so nice to work with builders who was always open minded to new ideas and working with us on the building of our home. Thank you to Tom & Chris who were always on top of things no matter how big or small it was. Thanks again for our beautiful home and for all your help.

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